Welcome to the TA Dev Blog

Welcome to the TechnologyAdvice development blog!

The TA engineering team is laser-focused on our mission of making technology decisions easier for companies everywhere. We use open source technologies to make this possible, and in our culture of giving back, we in turn open source everything we can for the community. Check out our projects on the TechnologyAdvice Github!

This blog is the next step in our effort to do more. We operate at high scale, using bleeding edge technologies that don’t always have fully defined best practices yet. Our team has decided to document our path by sharing tutorials on new technologies and the projects we open source, highlights of internal discussions, and insights into our methods and tooling. We’re not experts and probably wouldn’t trust anyone who claims to be, but we do hope you’re able to learn from our experienced and trailblazing team.

Enjoy our new blog, and if you really like what we’re up to here, don’t hesitate to swing by our careers page to see if we might be a fit for you too. We love smart, passionate engineers, we avoid decisions driven by ego or tradition, and our tight-knit team is distributed all over the US and maybe further in the future. Get in touch!