Eradicate Runtime Errors in React with Flow

Flow is pretty awesome.

David Zukowski David Zukowski on reactjs, flow, javascript, and development

Lock Up Your Customer Accounts, Give Away the Key

In your web application, how secure do you require your users’ credentials to be? Do you require passwords to be a certain length, with enough kinds of different characters? Maybe you’re more progressive and employ two-factor auth, or alternative auth like biometrics or single-use SMS keys. If you do use passwords, maybe you’re using a compute or space-expensive hashing algorithm like bcrypt, scrypt, PBKDF2, or Argon2 to keep them safe. Maybe you’re encrypting your entire database on disk to keep your users as safe as possible. Nothing short of an attacker compromising your live database could leak that data out.

Tom Shawver Tom Shawver on security

Where Flux Went Wrong

Already comfortable with the history around ReactJS and Flux? Skip to Flux and Component State to jump right into the problem statement.

David Zukowski David Zukowski on development, javascript, reactjs, flux, and redux

Using ES7 Decorators with Babel 6

When Babel 6 dropped on my birthday I was taken aback by all the breaking changes, disclaimers and continued push to use the .babelrc file without a lot of justification from the maintainers. Nevertheless I knew Babel 6 was the future, so I went ahead and added support to my React Native Webpack Starter Kit. Everything went smooth given the small scope of the app, but for some app maintainers the Babel 6 upgrade also meant chucking decorators due to an issue in Babel 6.

Josh Habdas Josh Habdas on development, javascript, and transpiling

DevLab 1.7 - Links and Exec on Services

If you’ve used DevLab you know a core capability is spinning up services. Services get linked into your container and make them available ephemerally for easy testing of databases, APIs, micro-services, etc.

Kent Safranski Kent Safranski on devlab and services