Devlab v3 Is Here

After a year of dogfooding, a complete rebuild, and 110+ commits, we are excited to release Devlab v3.

Kent Safranski Kent Safranski on docker, devlab, and development

Jumping into Elasticsearch

It’s a quiet Saturday, it’s wet out, and I don’t feel like doing much, so I open up Netflix. We all know how that typically goes, but today I actually know what I want to watch—Mad Max: Fury Road. Part of me already knows it’s not available to stream, but I start typing it into the search bar anyway—m. Immediately suggestions starting with the letter ‘m’ fill the page (including actors’ names), which become slightly more focused with each new letter. I know I would never watch many of them, but others, eh, maybe, and others still are already favorites. And it’s all thanks to the data from my personal viewing history being put to work behind the scenes to influence the results.

Peter Svetlichny Peter Svetlichny on elasticsearch, analytics, and data

Better Email Validation with Obey and Mailgun

Validating email is simple, right? Just throw a regex at it? Well it’s not as simple as you might think. The RFC Spec (Page 27 of this monster, if you’re interested) is clear as mud on what constitutes a valid email.

Kent Safranski Kent Safranski on asynchronous, validation, and nodejs

App Analytics with Redux

So you figured out Where Flux Went Wrong and are shipping your app with Redux. How will you measure usage? Will you know how users are using it once it’s launched? What about user authentication? You’ll definitely want to track that. But how will you do it?

Josh Habdas Josh Habdas on analytics, redux, segment, data, and monitoring

Make Your Data Obey

Data is what programming is all about. Applications would be nothing without that beautiful i/o of data moving between modules, services, and data storage. But data is nothing if it’s not consistent.

Kent Safranski Kent Safranski on obey, data, validation, and modelling