About TADevelops

TADevelops is a blog developed by the engineering team behind TechnologyAdvice. With an amazing group of developers and designers working with cutting edge technology the goal of TADevelops is to provide a platform for sharing with the community our experiences, knowledge and open source projects.

The Team

  • Tom Shawver

    Tom is the CTO of TA, with specializations in architecture, infrastructure, and security. His passions involve building a culture of experimentation and open-source dedication, products that make technology choices easier, and author biographies written in the third person.

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  • Kent Safranski

    Kent is an architect at TA and heavily involved in the team's work with Node.js, Docker, infrastructure and services. He is passionate about clean, modular development and workflow automation.

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  • Levi Thomason

    Levi is a Senior Software Engineer at TA who really wants to blog but is extremely busy. We know he will soon.

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  • Peter Svetlichny

    Peter is a Software Engineer on the backend at TA, with a background in music and creative writing. He's interested in modular development, Docker, and all things Node.js.

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  • Thomas Vaughn

    Thomas is a Senior Software Engineer at TA focused on backend work. He's a recovering PHP developer who is passionate about Node.js, the local tech community, ice hockey and bacon.

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  • David Zukowski

    David is a Senior Software Engineer at TA focused on frontend work. He has a love for functional programming, ReactJS, and web application performance and optimization.

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